Unleashing Solar Power in Boise: Empowering Treasure Valley Residents and Introducing Jesse Simpson, our Manager

Solar energy has emerged as a game-changing solution that helps Boise and the Treasure Valley save money and become energy independent.
Unleashing Solar Power in Boise: Empowering Treasure Valley Residents and Introducing Our Manager

Nestled in the heart of Idaho, the vibrant community of Boise, Treasure Valley is witnessing a remarkable transformation as its residents embrace the power of the sun. Solar energy has emerged as a game-changing solution, helping residents save money and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of solar energy in Boise and introduce you to Jesse Simpson, our Division Manager, who is leading the charge in promoting and facilitating the adoption of solar power.

Solar Power Shines Brightly in the Treasure Valley

The Treasure Valley, blessed with abundant sunshine throughout the year, is a prime location for solar energy generation. In recent years, an increasing number of residents have turned to solar power to harness the energy of the sun. The advantages of solar energy make it an attractive option for homeowners and businesses alike, driving the remarkable growth and adoption of solar technology in the region.

Economic Advantages

By harnessing the power of solar energy, Treasure Valley residents can tap into significant economic benefits. Solar panels installed on rooftops or grounds allow homeowners and businesses to generate their own electricity, reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources. This results in substantial savings on monthly utility bills and provides a level of energy cost stability, shielding residents from fluctuating energy prices.

Environmental Benefits

Embracing solar power in the Treasure Valley goes beyond monetary advantages. By choosing clean, renewable solar energy, residents are actively contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. Solar power is a sustainable solution that does not deplete natural resources or release harmful pollutants into the air. By adopting solar energy, residents can take pride in being responsible stewards of the environment.

Energy Independence and Resilience

Solar power provides the Treasure Valley residents with a sense of energy independence and resilience. With a solar installation, homeowners and businesses can generate their own electricity, reducing their reliance on the traditional power grid. This not only allows for greater control over energy consumption but also provides a reliable source of electricity during power outages or emergencies. Solar power systems can continue to generate electricity, ensuring that essential appliances and equipment remain operational.

Peace of Mind with Expert Support

Solar Power is Boise Idaho and the surrounding Treasure Valley. Expert Support with Jesse Simpson at Magic Solar.

Introducing Jesse Simpson, Magic Solar Division Manager: Leading the solar energy revolution in Boise Idaho and the surrounding Treasure Valley is our manager, Jesse Simpson. With extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, Jesse is passionate about bringing the benefits of solar power to residents and businesses alike. With a deep understanding of solar technology and its potential, Jesse is committed to making solar energy accessible and affordable for the community. Through Jesse’s leadership, our team aims to create a sustainable future for solar power in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley.

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Excellent5.0 Based on 24 reviews from review us on ★★★★★ For me it is simple, my family deserves the BEST so we asked the BEST to see our investment all the way through. Billy, Lex and Beau have built an amazing solar team that did an incredible job of recognizing the seriousness in our plan to educate, equip and execute. The install team was professional, clean, quick and the end result is exactly what we asked for. We could not be any happier with the end product.Thank you Magic Solar, for taking my families solar investment seriously! ★★★★★ Had a great experience working with Jesse and Magic Solar. I received quotes from multiple companies and did research of all the different available panels on the market and liked that they were willing to install our preference instead of pushing a specific product. Quick and painless install by Yovani and crew and everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. Would highly recommend. ★★★★★ Magic Solar is great! They are professional and would answer any questions that I had. Each step of the process was quick and concise. The Solar team really came through for me and was able to get my system installed quickly and without any headaches. They handled all the paperwork and made getting solar power easy. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ I've used Magic Valley Electric for several projects over the years and had amazing service. So when I was faced with a solar project, I naturally gave them a call. Joey was awesome. He was great to work with and when I went in their office the people were so kind - and happy! One employee even knew me by name before I ever met them. Don't consider a solar "door knocker" - call MVEs solar team and get treated right! ★★★★★ ★★★★★ This was not even there solar account, was there within an hour, very courteous. Fixed the simple problem I had been waiting a week for our company to show up for, and didn't even charge me. PS don't go with Freedom Forever terrible company! ★★★★★ Jess was an absolute delight to work with. He was very professional and knowledgeable.The installation was perfect and the system works well. ★★★★★ We were very pleased that Magic Solar would tackle our project, in spite of being a long distance from our place. Several other companies did not want to take on this project. The workers were careful an efficient. They even made a special trip to town to get a seal to plug a hole on the electrical box. We would recommend their services to others. ★★★★★ Everything went well. Quick. Professional and as promised. ★★★★★ Jesse and the team at Magic Solar did an outstanding job on our solar project! We just had our first month with a 5$ Idaho Power bill and are currently banking kWh (well explained by Jesse how that process work’s). The install was smooth, quick and Yovani and Alex were a pleasure to have at our house. Very professional, competent and understanding of our schedule. The job site was cleaned up and left as it was. Highly recommend this group.Don’t be duped by other companies that promise something that they can’t deliver! Being an Idahoan it also means something to me to have a local company work on my project. It’s refreshing to support a local company. Give Jesse and his team a call and see what real solar professionals can do for you!! ★★★★★ Joey Richardson was very good to work with, explaining thoroughly, and anticipating my questions. The installation crew was professional and thorough, and the system is working flawlessly! A very good experience overall ★★★★★ Jesse paid us a home visit. We were considering adding to our existing system. He talked through all the pros and cons, never pushing, and together we concluded that additional panels were not needed. Nor batteries. He explained the Idaho Power rules which would compromise our efforts. Then he guided us through a refresher on reading Solar Edge info from our system. He was low-key, funny, informative and right on top of things. We're glad Jesse's still out there and are happy to know Magic Solar is there to help us in the future. Eric & Kathy, Eagle ★★★★★ Very helpful with our issue. We are glad to have them help us with our solar power system. Highly recommend. ★★★★★ A great experience! ★★★★★ Magic Solar helped me update my home's wi-fi and connect it to the solar panels. The company that installed our solar panels went out of business. Magic Solar saved the day! The Boise Manager, Jesse, came out and fixed our problem. He was professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Magic Solar! ★★★★★ Joey and Jesse were great to work with!! Came out to service my existing solar system. Explained everything thoroughly and gave me a quote to add batteries to my system. Would highly recommend ★★★★★ ★★★★★ I had the magic team come out to my place and had them install a new solar system and I was absolutely blown away with their professionalism and attention to detail. They kept me in the loop with all the details of the job. I can’t recommend them enough. Support local and you won’t be disappointed ★★★★★ This job was a little unique for the team.It was completely off grid 7 miles from any power and up the mountain far enough that is was not feasible for them to return home every night.The manager, on site foreman and entire crew were professional at all times!They answered every question I asked and worked very patiently with me trying to pinch every dang penny. They took the time to teach me (the penny pincher) the things that had to be done for me to be satisfied at the completion of this job.I highly recommend Magic Solar for any of your Off Grid solar needs.FYI, They like their coffee black and it costs more if you'd like to help. 😂 ★★★★★ I really enjoyed the experience I had with Magic Solar and their installation team. The sales rep was knowledgeable and honest. He was never pushy during the process and communicated with me every day about what was happening during installation. The install happened on schedule and only took a couple of days. They took care of every step including permits and getting Idaho Power here quickly to get us turned on!One happy customer! ★★★★★ I really enjoyed the experience I had with Magic Solar and their installation team. The sales rep was knowledgeable and honest. He was never pushy during the process and communicated with me every day about what was happening during installation. The install happened on schedule and only took a couple of days. They took care of every step including permits and getting Idaho Power here quickly to get us turned on! ★★★★★ The Magic Solar Team has always been prompt with responses and definitely goes above and beyond to help the customer understand the solar process as it can be confusing. ★★★★★ js_loader


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