Have questions about switching to solar? Curious about how we do things here at Magic Solar? You aren’t alone! In fact, we receive a number of questions each and every day, and in many cases we are asked the same questions multiple times. If you’re looking for information, we have taken the liberty of providing a few of the answers to some of the most common questions we receive right here on our website.

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Not necessarily. If you are planning on remaining connected to the public utility grid, then you will still have an electric bill at the end of every month. The only difference is that your bill will be significantly smaller because your solar energy system will have generated the majority of the power you used instead of purchasing it from the utility company. If you finance the system, you will have a monthly loan payment on your solar system instead of paying that money to the utility company.

By default, no. Any solar energy system without batteries that is connected to the public grid shuts off during a power outage, and therefore your power goes out along with everyone else’s. However, by installing an inverter & battery that can “island” your home by temporarily disconnecting you from the utility grid, your home’s power system can safely stay on during a power outage. When combined with a home battery system, a solar energy system can potentially keep you powered during a blackout for hours or even days at a time.

Solar energy is always around us. The only major difference is that on cloudy days, the amount of energy available is lower. Your solar panels will continue to collect this energy, but they do so at a lower rate, and that means they don’t produce as much useable electricity as they would otherwise. You as a homeowner likely won’t notice a difference—your lights and appliances will all still work as normal. However, for these days you will need to draw more energy from the utility grid in order to meet your demands.

The federal government as well as the state of Idaho have incentives available for homeowners who wish to install a solar energy system. Please see our incentives page for more details.

The process will differ from customer to customer, but generally our process begins with an initial survey of your property and a thorough discussion of your goals, your needs, and your intentions. From there, our trained experts work on designing your solar energy system, complete with the panels, inverter, and other features that you want. Once this is done, we give you a thorough rundown of our design, how it should function, and some expected numbers for production and cost. This design isn’t final, and you are welcome to make any changes you see fit. Once we have obtained your approval, we will schedule your installation once the initial deposit is made. Financing options are available. From there, we send all of the needed materials to our installation teams, and the installer will come to your home to begin your project on the scheduled date.

Yes! We offer friendly, customer-focused financing through some of the industry’s premier names. We can help walk you through the application process and you’ll receive a decision within as little as a few minutes in most cases for qualified applicants.


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